Fish Dump

Whenever I see a McDonald’s commercial for the double filet-o-fish sandwich every couple of months. It makes me wonder about expiration dates and if McDonald’s is trying to unload a bunch of rotting fish patties.

Gender Confused?

First of all, I’m not trying to be insensitive to anyone in particular. I’m merely exposing a point of frustration as a software developer and data inconsistency.

Facebook allows you to define your gender as anything you want with a custom option in a drop down list.

However when you are presented with the option of choosing your interest, your liberties are severely restricted to only two gender types. No custom option here.
I think if you are interested in “gender equality”, then you need to populate the interested in choices with the table contents of the custom option. At a minimum, make it a autocomplete search list.

For the record the definition of Gender is “the state of being male or female”

Diet Soda Causes Leg Cramps?

I jumped off the high fructose corn syrup soda wagon back in 1997 when I started the Atkins diet. I endured two weeks without soda during the induction diet. It wasn’t easy because I was drinking a two liter of Pepsi per day. My thirst for Pepsi was so vigorous I didn’t reach for a glass containing ice. I was drinking two liter sodas like a single serving from the corner store.

Aspartame seemed like the perfect solution. I drank a diet soda after the two week hiatus and didn’t notice much of a difference. Well, maybe a few leg cramps every now and again. I thought the cramps were caused by all the weight loss. It wasn’t until I stopped drinking diet soda that I noticed the leg cramps went away. So I drank a diet soda one day and noticed that night I was having the leg cramps once again.

I really enjoy Pepsi Max, but it’s really not worth the pain and suffering. Like clockwork, I drink the Pepsi Max during the day and wake up about 4am clutching a calf muscle charlie horse. It requires me to leap from my bed and place my foot flat on the floor. I swear it takes a whole minute of agonizing pain because the muscle just won’t quit with the freaking out.

Today, If I’m going to enjoy a soda I prefer one with real sugar. They charge extra now for something that used to be the norm before HFCS made soda so profitable for companies.  As a child I used to imagine a swimming pool filled with Pepsi and I could dive in and drink as much as I wanted. Of course I would have to drink only the Pepsi in front of me and no one else could be in the pool.

Why I don’t clip coupons

Potential Coupons

I don’t like news papers

Newspapers are dirty and filled with lies. They’re also expensive and create an offset of savings. Plus you’re killing trees to save money? Don’t you care about the environment?

You buy things you don’t need

Sometimes coupons encourage buying things you wouldn’t normally buy. You see the great savings and think that you should incorporate the item into your life. You end up buying something you don’t use. But you could give it away as a Christmas or birthday gift. Who wouldn’t enjoy 30 gallon pine tree scented trash bags?

You buy unhealthy foods

There are many products that are healthy and use coupons but the majority of coupons items are crap filled products that will destroy your internal organs. But c’mon, how delicious are bacon and cheese stuffed hot dogs that are bright red from artificial dyes!

Waste of paper and time

Sometimes coupons span two pages, you can resuse pages but as our society tries to go paperless why waste a whole sheet for a 3 inch coupon. Also, how much is your time worth? Spending all that time to save a few bucks? Figure out how much time you spend looking for savings vs how much you save. Calculate your hourly rate you. You could be spending those hours on a hobby to bring home some cheddar with a freelance job.

Digital Coupons and Online Coupons

I have started using Target’s Cartwheel. It still makes me buy stuff I don’t want. Well, it doesn’t make me, but the app makes it very tempting. Most online coupons have so many exclusions that you can only buy certain items. Find a really nice item? Apply Coupon? COUPON IS NOT VALID FOR THIS NAME BRAND. Most digital coupons won’t work or the cashier will only take a printed version. I understand, you are unhappy with your retail job and want to make us unhappy too. It makes perfect sense to me.

Coupon Lines at the Store

Just as we need a separate line for people who still pay with a check. We need a line for people who fill their baskets to the brim and then unfold a huge billfold or three ring binder of coupons. It’s really bad when they shop early in the morning when only one register is open. I’m trying to pick up a few items while someone is waging a coupon Armageddon bringing the store into the red.

Defending bad things

If you have to defend something that is bad by comparing it to something worse to make it seem better then you are lowering your standard of what is good.

How to Drink Coffee



  • Heat the water to 192°
  • Grind the coffee
  • Add 2 tablespoons per 6oz of hot water into the press pot
  • Let it steep for 3-4 minutes
  • Press the pot
  • Pour into mug (pre-heat the mug by pouring some hot water into mug beforehand)
  • Drink!

Origin Story
I started drinking coffee in 2002 because I just started a new job. I found it difficult to adjust to the time zone difference. Recovering from the move, and trying to outdo my new co-workers to show my worth was a causation as well. I skipped over the drip coffee maker ordeal that my parents had when I was growing up. No wonder I never liked coffee, the paper filter is the death knell for good coffee.

At first I bought ground coffee. Then I discovered that the coffee tasted better if I bought the whole beans in the store and ground them and brought them home. Next, uncovering the secret that grinding my own beans at home right before brewing caused a big improvement in flavor.

Next I formed an alliance with co-workers and formed a super-hero coffee club. We rode our high horses into the break room, mocking those who worshiped at the alter of Bunn. We vowed to fight coffee injustice by only grinding the freshest beans and preparing the coffee at the right brewing temperature. It was a in-house debate which temperature was superior. I preferred 192 and others preferred lower or hotter temperatures. We bickered about grind settings complaining that some were too coarse while others were too fine. We hurled insults if someone let the coffee steep too long, so we had to start using a timer. Three to four minutes its the golden zone.

We then discovered that we could roast our own green coffee beans. That opened up new layers of complexity that we could fight about. Roast settings, under or over roastings and how the coffee sometimes tasted like drinking boiled string bean water out of a brown paper grocery bag.  I finally had to move away to a new job to get out of the coffee club. I now know the secrets to true coffee bliss. Throw a K-cup into a machine and drink the contents once it squirts out. So easy. However, K-cups are coffee for the lazy person. I do not condone the use of K-cups for your main coffee needs.

Fear of paying for someone’s groceries


Once I was shopping and the cashier got angry at me because I put down that little bar that separates the groceries from one customer to the next. She said “Real cashiers don’t need that bar”. I replied, “That is true, but this person is afraid they will pay for my groceries.”

Sometimes you do need that bar. I wasn’t paying attention and someone’s laundry detergent was being charged to my account. Instead of wasting time by walking all the way to customer service and back (Walmart). I simply said “enjoy your laundry on me”. Well, maybe that didn’t sound right.


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